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Cloud and Hosted Solutions Delivery

Do you need a cost-effective, anywhere, anytime availability a cloud solution offers? Or does your organization’s highly sensitive information require the security that only an onsite solution can provide? Or maybe a hybrid solution – where you house some servers internally and use the cloud for others – may offer the optimal balance of security and flexibility.

When it comes to delivery methods for your IT and communication systems, one size does not fit all. Especially when an organization is evaluating collaboration options, it’s essential to weigh the challenges and advantages of each deployment model. AnalysisIQ can evaluate your business’ unique needs and guide you in choosing the best delivery model.

AnalysisIQ can help you design your program with the appropriate depth of service to meet your needs by delivering an efficient experience for business. We can help you achieve success through a variety of service models, from basic to complex and customized, that are flexible to your business requirements.


  • Your business deals with highly-sensitive data
  • Capital expense budget preferred
  • You need eyes-on security and high performance
  • You have data center capacity
  • Your industry has significant compliance requirements
  • Dedicated network administrator on staff
  • Resources exist to invest in server infrastructure

Cloud / Hosted:

  • You need rapid deployment and flexibility to scale up and down
  • Pay-per-seat annual subscription preferred
  • You need to support end-users around the clock
  • You need to assure maximum uptime and business continuity
  • No dedicated network administrator on staff
  • You don’t want to invest in expensive servers and infrastructure


  • You want to test the cloud waters without fully migrating over
  • Your business has specialized, individual needs
  • You can use public cloud for non-sensitive operations; on-site or private cloud for sensitive operations

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