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Business Intelligence

Analytics should be more than a mirror of the past. As a strategic practice, it offers the ability to understand what is happening in the moment, and help you predict where your business can go. Making analytics a strategic practice requires a strategic platform that serves the entire organization’s needs—from the agility of visual analytics and self-service data discovery, to the power of an enterprise platform, including operational analysis at scale, security, reliability, extreme performance, and centralized management. Only Oracle combines this agility and power in a single platform—because you shouldn’t have to choose between ease-of-use and world-class analytics

Visualizing data makes analysis faster and easier, and makes insights more readily available to everyone across the organization. Data Visualization in Oracle Business Intelligence offers a rich consumer-style experience that is now common across Oracle’s analytics portfolio. Additionally, the entire user experience has been streamlined, demonstrating Oracle’s continued commitment to making analytics as fast, flexible, and friendly as they are powerful and robust.

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